Best Steam Mops in the Market

The number of steam mops on the market have been on the rise ever since the first steam mops were released to the public. This is due to their increased capability to remove dirt and grime compared to the usual combination of water and mop. Aside from this, they also prove to be easier to use since they do not require a waiting period for the water to evaporate before the surface can be used again. The numerous types of steam mops on the market prompts the need for a list that will show only the best mop on the market. This article aims to provide such a list and the models chosen will be presented in the next paragraphs.

Eureka EnviroSteamer

Eurika EnviroSteamerMany consider the Eureka EnviroSteamer as one of the best steam cleaner available because of its effectiveness in removing dirt from different kinds of surfaces. This steam mop has been tested on vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate, hardwood, and other types of surfaces. It is worth saying that this steam mop performed well on all of these surfaces. This steam mop uses a continuous stream of steam alongside a magic cleaning cloth to remove dirt. It also has a great swivel action for cleaning edges and hard to reach areas. For storage, this steam mop has an adjustable handle as well as a preheating and cool down tray to let the mop settle before use or storage. An all-around mop with strong points in different aspects make the Eureka EnviroSteamer one of the best steam mop today.

H2O Steam Mop

h2o steam cleanerThe next mop on the list of best floor cleaner is the H2O Steam Mop. This steam mop uses a unique triangular shaped head to clean tight corners in bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. The head also has a swiveling option so that every area in the house can be cleaned with ease. Another feature of the mop is the trigger function for the output of steam. This trigger function ensures the protection of different floor types while at the same time allows the user to control the output of steam. The absorbent cloth on this mop’s head is very efficient at absorbing water and cleaning floors. On top of that, this mop warms up very quickly with only a few seconds before steam comes out. A powerful mop with powerful features makes the H2O Steam Mop a favorite in the steam mop market.

Bissell Steam Mop

Bissell Steam mopThe third steam mop on this list of best cleaner in the market is the Bissell Steam Mop. Like the two steam mops on this list, the Bissell Steam Mop works great on different kinds of floor types. The absorbent pads effectively remove dirt from different surfaces such as tile and laminate. Its effectiveness is enhanced by its strong and steady flow of steam that is released using a trigger function. Apart from this, this steam also looks great and has a great price tag for its features. Simply put, the Bissell Steam Mop is powerful, effective, sturdy, and sleek. No wonder it is on this list for the best cleaning tool available.

After choosing the right mop, you should learn how to use the mop efficiently.

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