Black and Decker Steam Mop – The Advantages and Disadvantages

black and decker steam mopThe Black and Decker Mop destroys 99.9% bacteria and germs using water only. This carpet steam mop features Smart Select technology to make sure a thorough but delicate cleaning on all sealed hard floors like stone/marble, hardwoods/laminate and tile/vinyl. Just choose your floor type on the Smart Select dial and this floor steam cleaner automatically releases the right amount of steam for a perfect clean. Ideal for homes with pets and kids to achieve a thorough clean the natural way. The dirt is trapped in a machine washable microfiber pad which glides on the floor to lock the dirt and grime. When the water changes from red to blue it only means that the water reaches the right temperature, the water will heat up within 15 seconds.

The Pros of Using the Black and Decker Cleaner

  • Detachable hand held steam cleanerblack and decker mop head
  • Dries fast
  • Good power cord length
  • Hand held steamer attachments
  • Heats fast
  • Mop head is large and covers more area at once
  • Safety steam shut off feature when upright
  • Very low profile mop head

The Cons of Using the Black and Decker Cleaner

  • Emits a low amount of steam and some reviewers felt it didn’t heat as well as it should
  • Mop pads easily come off while in use
  • Small tank size will mean refilling the reservoir more often
  • Some of the foam attachments requires replacement due to tear and wear
  • Swivel head can be difficult to control – almost too flexible
  • Topples easily when left unattended on the cooling pad
  • Window cleaner tool is only so-so

The mop has three floor type settings and each releases a different level of steam. For instance, you can choose the wood option on the controls and the mop will release less steam to prevent warping or buckling. This feature is known as the Digital Smart Select Technology.

Past versions of this steam clean carpet also have this feature but the selection was made by turning the dial on the front of the tank which is positioned in the center of the handle.  The selection of the digital version of this tool is made by just pushing a button on the handle that rotates through the 3 options vividly displayed on the steam mop handle with separate images.

Why Should Consumer Buy the Cleaning Machine?

There are always things that you like and you don’t like about the steam mop. The cleaning tool swivel design requires some practice and the tank size is small but the cord length is amazing and if you have more than one type of hard flooring in your home you will benefit from the different setting option.

This cleaning device can function as a digital steam mop and a hand held unit at the same time. Not only will you be able to steam clean your floors but you will also have the option to clean several other items in your home. It is priced reasonably as you get both a portable steam cleaner and a steam mop.


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