How to Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Beldray Steam Mop

beldray mopWith all the advantages that the Beldray mop has over the traditional mops, it is small wonder that more and more people are stashing away their old mops and replacing them with this user- and environment-friendly alternative.

Like other steam mops, the Beldray cleaner has a small, refillable water tank where regular tap water is heated to produce steam vapor that is used in cleaning smooth floor surfaces. They are easy to use, and since they do not require chemical cleaning agents such as detergent and bleach, they are healthier for the environment. The steam vapor produced can also kill germs and reach tiny floor cracks that traditional mops can’t.

With all these advantages however, users may still experience problems when the steam mops malfunction. While some of these problems will require that you call the manufacturer for support, there are certain malfunctions that you can solve by yourself.


Leaking Water

If the unit is leaking water, check for the source of the leak. If it is caused by a damaged tank, filter, or cap insert, you would need to call Beldray to replace the damaged part. Make sure you check if the unit is still covered by the warranty. If none of these are damaged, simply make sure that the cap insert is secure and tight and then reinsert the tank firmly back onto the unit. Make sure that it is securely pushed into position before re-trying.

beldray steam mop

Not Producing Steam

When your steam mop does not produce any steam when you press the trigger, first check if the tank is filled with water and that the bottom cap is secure and tightened, and then try using the mop again. If this isn’t the cause of the problem, try a different outlet because it may have been caused by a faulty outlet. If not, turn the unit on and then hold the trigger for 2 minutes. If it still doesn’t produce any steam, put cold water in the hole by the filter where it connects to the mop. If it produces steam when the trigger is pressed, then you must replace the filter. If not, the spray tips are most likely clogged.


Spray Tips are Clogged

You can tell that your steam cleaner’s spray tips are clogged if it’s not producing steam even after you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. To verify, turn off the unit first and wait for it to cool down. Turn it upside-down to look at the spray tips and check for clogs. Use something with a small tip (paper clip, small screwdriver, hair pin, etc.) to clean the spray tips and get rid of the clog. If, even after this, the unit still doesn’t work, you will have to call Beldray to have a professional check your unit.


Too Much Water on the Floor

If you notice that there seems to be excessive water on the floor, it may be because you are pressing the trigger too often, thus producing too much steam which will turn into water after cooling. If you aren’t, then it may have been caused by the microfiber pad. Simply turn the unit off, let it cool, and then replace the pad.


Just like any other electronic machine, your cleaning machine may malfunction due to wear and tear, mishandling or poor maintenance. To avoid any of these problems in the future, make sure you have read the manual and follow what it says about the proper use and care of your unit.


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