What’s The Best Handheld Steam Cleaner For You?

mcculloch steam cleanerHandheld steam cleaners have been making “warm” buzz lately, thanks to their supreme portability, efficiency and versatility that meticulous homemakers and on-the-go professionals look for in a cleaning appliance. You can blame it on technology, but looks like this handy piece of cleaning magic will about to dominate the home improvement world.

For those readers who have been living under a rock, steam mop are electric cleaning devices that use steam instead of chemical-based cleaning agents to wash, wipe, sanitize and deodorize a specific area, surfaces or furnishings. Steam cleaners vary based on their use (e.g. steam cleaner for floors, car cleaner for automobiles) but all have the same basic function.

Steam cleaners have a water reservoir, to which water is being poured into, and heated for an average temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam is then being produced with pressure through a steam jet, and is then being released through a nozzle or hose.

Now, the question is…Is a handheld steam cleaner really worth every penny, even when we’re talking about the best handheld steam mop? Does it really work? Just how great is this ingenious innovation?

With accounts from real and actual handheld steam cleaner users, here’s an in-depth look at this revolutionary appliance that is currently invading the market right now, and just how much of a help this gear can give:

hoover steam cleaner“I’ve been using my Hoover TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner for over a year now. And I’ve got to say, it made kitchen cleaning as simple as it gets!” Laura McAdams, 46, and a resident of Saratoga, New York, gleefully showed off her handheld steam cleaner’s cleaning capabilities. “I just love how efficient and convenient this thing is!”

On one account, Kurt Lange, a car enthusiast, demonstrated just how his McCulloch Handheld Steam Cleaner works. He deliberately put mud onto the carpet his car, and just simply blasted the steam cleaner right onto it. The results are remarkably impressive. “You see, I told you so! You’ve got to love this bad boy!” Kurt utters with sheer affirmation.

Although the popularity of this new age cleaning device has reached a record high in terms of sales, thus making it a potential candidate for the title of best handheld cleaner, there are still many who doubt the steam cleaner’s potential. Despite accounts delivered by consumers about the cleaning prowess of the device, many still believed it is just another string of infomercial-influenced exaggerations.

For instance, Bjorn Michaels, an amateur DJ in Portland, Oregon, oreck handheld cleanernarrates his experience with his steam cleaner. “I use my Clear Max Steam Cleaning for my home, sometimes for my clothes. Though, I have to say, I still have to use the good ol’ sweep-and-vacuum, because sometimes, my steam cleaner can’t seem to do the job. Still have to wipe off food stains on my table with a REAL RUG after I use the darn thing.”

Among the best handheld cleaning tool brands are Hoover, McCulloch, Steamfast, Oreck, Bissell and Shark. All of those guarantee convenience. These may be the best handheld mop brands as touted by many, but do these cleaners really suit your requirements? As a consumer, getting your money’s worth means getting exactly what tends to your needs regardless of the brand. Know the functions well, and get ideas and opinions from the steam mop reviews online. Most of all consider the usability, and how it will serve you over time.

After you buy the cleaner, I recommend you to read the proper use of handheld steam cleaner.

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