The Mean Green Machine: Advantages of the Earth-Friendly Bissell Steam Mops

Once upon a time, mopping meant having to get a bucket full of water, spread cleaning agents with God-knows-what harmful chemicals in it, put all your weight on the mop to get rid of all the dirt, and use your hands to wring out dirty water from the germ-infested mop.

Thankfully, those days are long gone. With the use of Bissell Steam Mop, there is no longer any need to go through the pains of good old-fashioned mopping. It has so many advantages over the traditional mop.

Earth-Friendly – One of the clear advantages that steam mops have over traditional mops is that it no longer requires the need to use cleaning agents that can be harmful to the environment, especially to the people and pets in your home. It only uses regular tap water which will be heated in the mop’s refillable tank in a matter of only 30 seconds. This will then turn into steam vapor that will be used in cleaning the floor surface.

VersatileBissell Steam Cleaner can be used on several types of floor surfaces such as marble, vinyl, linoleum, laminated, sealed hardwood, ceramic and stone floors.

Cleans Thoroughly – The steam vapor produced by steam mops are typically around 240° F. Molds, dust mites, viruses, bacteria and all other germs on contact cannot survive when exposed to this temperature. This is a surer way to clean surfaces rather than using damp mops that only gets rid of visible dirt but spreads the germs. The steam can also penetrate the tiniest of cracks that traditional mops will fail to clean.

User-Friendly – With Bissell Steam Mops, there is no need to bend and exert a lot of force for effective cleaning. All you have to do is pull the trigger to release steam as you guide the lightweight mop along the surface that needs to be cleaned. It is also easy to clean; you simply have to detach the soiled microfiber pad from the mop and throw it in the wash while you use the other washable pad that comes with the mop.

Cost-Effective – Bissell Steam Mops typically cost less than a hundred bucks. Buying one will cost you a little more than a traditional mop would, but for all the advantages that come with it, this is a fair price for an investment that gives long-term benefits. Also, replacing your traditional mop with a steam mop will save you more money in the long run because you no longer have to buy cleaning agents regularly, and you only have to use minimal water each time you use it as opposed to having to fill up and change the water in your bucket several times in a single use.

All-in-all, the Bissell Steam Shot beat traditional mops in all the factors important in home cleaning. They are easier to use, more effective in making homes cleaner and healthier to live in, and although they have a slightly higher price tag, they help you save so much more in the long run.