Cleaning Smart With The H20 Steam Mop

h2o steam cleanerAs an average city  joe living in one of the busy districts of the world, I have a house that can basically end up in some magazine. You’d think this is yet another Cribs episode with me trying to brag about my pad somewhere in the upper areas near the corporate downtown but in reality, it’s just yet another well-maintained house.

It’s pretty normal on the surface. Look at it as some visitor or some friend visiting me for some midnight coffee and you’ll find my place invitingly pleasant. Soft couches and sleek countertops, well-pressurized showers, lulling curtains, all kept spic-and-span, thanks to my weekly schedule of directing attention to maintaining the homely atmosphere.

Due to unprecedented circumstances however, work getting tight, schedules getting nastier, and workload getting ferocious and all, even I noticed how seemingly neglected the place has become.

You’d see dust, patches of stains on the sink, some mold forming on the kitchen floor that my vacuum cleaner and floor brush and cleaning solutions no longer stand a chance.

Because of that, I tried searching online for the best kind of mop material, or the best cleaning solution, or at least some cleaner that can actually make my home a bit more bearable. That’s when I came across the words steam mops and steam cleaners.

Apparently these are non-chemical cleaners, as they make use of water or steam, that kills the strength of the dirt and then knocks it all off. Makes sense, since the heat and the pressure combine to create what has to be a very effective duo of dirt-defeaters. I thought maybe this could be the best solution to all these troubles, aka the smell of bleach after a bathroom operation, or the nauseating odor of a chemistry laboratory when in fact you’re just in your kitchen making sandwich after wiping clean the countertop.

I rummaged the internet in the search for the said device, strolling through steam mop reviews and steam cleaner reviews here and there, and that is when I found the H2O Mop.

On the first look, judging from its h2o mop cleaneradvertisements online and the reviews for it, it seemed omnipotent, just like in any infomercial out there. Like, if God was a device, then this would be him. I believed the ads half-heartedly and went on to purchase the five-in-one cleaning tool, hoping and praying this wasn’t some abhorrent substandard excuse for a cleaning device.

And the mop didn’t fail me.

Now all it takes to make my floor twinkle is the steam mop and some fifteen or twenty minutes of smooth gliding around the area, and a few minutes for an emergency situation around the counter. The same goes with the windows. Maybe you’re thinking hes crazy mopping the counter and the windows and all. You’re half-right, because the idea is crazy brilliant.

Not only does the steam cleaner serve for the necessities of the floor, it also foster to the other aspects of home. No, I’m not actually using the MicroFiber Pads of the H20 steam cleaner to clean everything around the house, as this pad is detachable, washable, and reusable.

And with detachable, that means, something else can be attached, like the jet nozzle I use for the sink, or the garment steamer attachment for straightening out my clothes in no time, or the soft window steamer attachment for, obviously, cleaning windows. There are technically five purposes for this device, all being really effective and delighting.

It is apparently more expensive than the regular mops in the market, but I don’t regret at all making this purchase. This investment may be pricey, but believe me, it saves you much more money than you think.


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