The Easy Steam Mop

Steam is a gas that is produced when water is boiled. It is also known as the gaseous phase of water and, like water, has several applications. For one, it is used as a cleaning agent because of its ability to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. Unlike water, steam is capable of removing stickier substances such as gum and oil from surfaces. This is due to the heat that breaks the bonds between the substance and the surface. This application made steam a staple cleaning agent that is used with common household appliances such as the steam mop. In this article, the easy mop will be analyzed for its advantages, disadvantages, and its features.

Product Introduction

Dirt devil easy steam mopThe easy steam cleaner is a cleaning appliance that makes use of the power of steam to clean surfaces. It is produced by a company known as Dirt Devil. This steam mop features a distribution system that equally distributes the steam generated across the entire surface of the mop. This effectively reduces pad soaking resulting to less smears and streaks. It is currently priced at $54.99 and comes with a 1 year warranty for the motor and the parts.

Product Features

Dirt devil easy mopThe easy mop cleaner possesses a lot of features that are helpful in making the mop easy to use. The first of many features is the grip handle which is designed to have a contoured design. This design makes the grip ergonomic and stable for easy handling of the mop. Next is the quick release cord wrap which takes care of all cord problems before, during, and after using the mop. The third feature is the fully adjustable chrome steel handle. This gives style to the mop while at the same time makes the mop usable for people with different heights. The next feature is the water reservoir and water level indicator. The water reservoir has an easy fill system which removes spilling problems while the water level indicator shows when the reservoir is running low on water. Next up are the switches and display lights. The easy cleaning tool has an on/off switch and display lights for the power and the steam. The last two features are the pivoting steam head which helps cleaning hard to reach places easier and the 18 foot power cord which helps in reaching places that are far from the power source.


The easy cleaning mop comes with the standard package of the unit and its detachable parts. The company, however, is giving away extra accessories for those who wish to purchase this product at this time. The extra accessories are the machine washable micro fiber cloth pads, a fill cup, and a funnel.


The easy floor cleaner is a great product when everything is taken into account. All of its features are excellent and will surely help in terms of ease of use and effectiveness. The price tag of $54.99 is also not too much to ask since the mop has a lot of features. Simply put, this product is a great buy for people who wish to buy an affordable steam mop.


You can visit their website for more information.

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