Mop H2O, but no bucket! – Saying Goodbye to the Tiresome Mop and Bucket

h2o mopMost people probably won’t get excited over a new mop but if you’re a mother with a baby on the way, you’ll know that the early years of your child will be spent exploring around the house on the floor. On their play mats or simply crawling around on their feet, there’s bound to be a lot of action on the floor.

Toddlers tend to put a lot of things on their mouth that came from the floor and floors can be a very dirty place. Ranging from anything and everything that comes inside through the soles of shoes, pets and their dirty paws bringing dirt and germs, there’s a lot that a mop, water, and soap/disinfectant have to deal with. And it’s not always a 100% bacteria-free guarantee. Add to that the dangers of the chemical residue from disinfectants; there are a lot of unseen threats that pose a danger to your toddler. The old mop and water bucket combo isn’t just going to cut it anymore. Expectant parents may want to look for a new and safer cleaning tool and a steam mop is just the tool to get.

Getting a steam mop has its own unique health benefits, especially for h2o mop cleanerthose with asthma. Imagine, a vacuum cleaner can blow dust around the house which can trigger asthma, but the steam coming from the mop helps to negate that effect by capturing any remaining dust particles that can still serve as an irritant. For the steam cleaner, H2O is its best friend (and also your lungs’).

The steam mop has three components that are easy to put together along with a 250ml water jug that’s just as easy to fill up. It’s lightweight and very easy to carry around the house. It has this swivel that allows you to get around the tightest corners in your house. They’re actually very user-friendly once you understand the basics.

To be fair to the old methods, try doing a control experiment or at least something to compare the new steam mop with. Cordon off a small area of the house where you would use the traditional old mop with water bucket and disinfectant method to compare to another part of the house where you would use the steam mop. When you see the results, you’ll be glad you got a steam mop. Well, at least now you know where a lot of the rave has been coming from.

Just to be clear, the steam mop is not magic. There will be times when you have to get down to wipe off the remaining stains, but it will only be just a minute which is still a lot better than staying down there for half an hour.

Steam mops are a small investment that eventually pays for itself. Built using quality materials, steam mop cleaners are designed to last for years. This is not your ordinary, disposable cleaning tool! Some units have aluminium tanks that have the tendency to oxidize, exposing the tank to breaking down. Try looking for models that have the more durable stainless steel tanks.

Make you home cleaning comfortable through H2O cleaning solutions.

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