Making the Smart Choice: 5 Reasons Why You Ought to Have a Smart Living Steam Mop

smart living mopSteam mops are becoming quite popular lately among folks who have heard of their promises of convenience and chemical-free yet thorough cleaning. The Smart Living Mop is one among a number of models that have gained the trust of many consumers that have expressed their satisfaction in replacing their old, traditional mops with this better alternative. Here are the reasons why, of all the available steam mops in the market, many consumers prefer and recommend this product:
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Black and Decker Steam Mop – The Advantages and Disadvantages

black and decker steam mopThe Black and Decker Mop destroys 99.9% bacteria and germs using water only. This carpet steam mop features Smart Select technology to make sure a thorough but delicate cleaning on all sealed hard floors like stone/marble, hardwoods/laminate and tile/vinyl. Just choose your floor type on the Smart Select dial and this floor steam cleaner automatically releases the right amount of steam for a perfect clean. Ideal for homes with pets and kids to achieve a thorough clean the natural way. The dirt is trapped in a machine washable microfiber pad which glides on the floor to lock the dirt and grime. When the water changes from red to blue it only means that the water reaches the right temperature, the water will heat up within 15 seconds. Read On…

The Versatile Bionaire Steam Mop

bionaire steam mopIf you are looking for a fast and economical solution to clean your floor, there is a wide array of home steam cleaners available in the market that you can choose from. One of these is the Bionaire mop. This article will help you decide if this is the best steam mop for your home. Read On…

Say Goodbye to the Traditional Mopping Routing and Switch to Polti Steam Cleaner

polti steam cleanerMopping your house with the ordinary mop and pail can be very messy. You have to mix the disinfectant, water and all the other stuff. Then dip the mop to get enough disinfectant. And as you glide the mop from left to right, you will see traces of water all around. You will either wipe it with a super absorbent rag or wait until it evaporates. Too much of a hassle, right? But now, you do not have to be tired anymore because this steam cleaner is already available in the market. With its strong built and other features, you can now clean your house mess free.
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The Powerful Cleaner: Dirt Devil Steam Mop

dirt devil steam mopDo you want to keep your house clean and sanitized in just a few minutes? All you have to do is to try this cleaning tool. It is a 1500-watt steam mop that is filled with tap water. After 30 seconds, it is ready to use. The cleaning head is triangular shaped which allows you to clean hard to reach areas. For example, you want to disinfect the side of the toilet bowl. You do not have to scrub it with a brush. All you have to do now is to plug in the steam mop, fill it with water, wait for 30 seconds and glide the mop on the surface. It will leave your floors spot free. Plus, germs and bacteria are also killed.
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Ladybug Steam Cleaner: Redefining your Cleaning Routine

ladybug steam cleanerHave you ever wonder what steam cleaners can do? Well, most of you might say that it is usually used on floors. But did you know that, you can actually use a steam cleaner anywhere. Disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces of your house is amazing. And it is possible with the use of steam cleaner.
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Ultimate Cleaning With JML Steam Mop

JML steam mopAre you having a hard time cleaning your floors? Are the stains hard to remove? Do you have to bring a pail of water around the house just to dip the mop to get more disinfectant? Worry no more because you can already have a JML steam cleaner. It is portable and easy to use. With just a few steps, you can already clean your home without hassle.

How to Use a JML Mop

In using a steam mop, you will only remember two steps. First, you have to fill the steam mop container with tap water and snap in the cleaning head. Then turn it on. Gently push and pull it across the floor until the stain is removed. No messy mopping. With the steam cleaner, you can now clean and sanitize at the same time.

Benefits of Using the JML cleaner

  1. Can Be Used on any Surface
    This steam mop is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens andJML shark living rooms. Whether the flooring is tiled or hard wood, this steam mop can clean and sanitize it.
  2. Removes Grime and Bacteria
    This mop not only cleans the surface but it also sanitizes it. If you are worried about the germs and bacteria lurking around your floors, you do not have to worry anymore. This cleaner will surely leave every floor spotless.Also, if you have kids or babies who love to roll and play on the floor. This is a perfect cleaning appliance for you. You will be assured that the floors are clean and free from bacteria.
  3. Deep Level Cleaning
    Because this mop uses steam, it does not only clean the surface. It also removes dirt even on the tiniest dirt on the floor. It removes the most obvious stain to the deepest stain that even the naked eye could not see.
  4. Can Clean a Larger Floor Area (Double Sided Pad )
    The usual steam mops only use one sided pad. But in this steam mop, you can use two sides. So that is double the floor area compared to the usual steam mops.
  5. Swivels by 180 Degrees
    Now, you do not have to bend just to clean the hard to reach areas. This steam mop can rotate up to 180 degrees. Just glide it on the area you want to clean.
  6. No More Wet Floors
    Since it uses steam, the floors do not get wet. The steam evaporates immediately. No traces of water will be found on the floor.
  7. Cleaning Pads can be Changed
    You can choose from rectangular to the triangle pads. Rectangular pads are used for straight flat areas. On the other hand, the triangle pads are used for tricky areas like the corners of the bathroom.

See just how greatly this steam mop can change your cleaning routine? From the messy and tiring mopping session, you can now clean the entire house in a jiffy. You can now enjoy a stain and germ free house. Plus, you can have more time to relax after cleaning.

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