Say Goodbye to the Traditional Mopping Routing and Switch to Polti Steam Cleaner

polti steam cleanerMopping your house with the ordinary mop and pail can be very messy. You have to mix the disinfectant, water and all the other stuff. Then dip the mop to get enough disinfectant. And as you glide the mop from left to right, you will see traces of water all around. You will either wipe it with a super absorbent rag or wait until it evaporates. Too much of a hassle, right? But now, you do not have to be tired anymore because this steam cleaner is already available in the market. With its strong built and other features, you can now clean your house mess free.

How to Use the Steam Cleaner

Just put water on the water chamber and press the on button. Wait until the steam gets hot.

Why You Should Choose Polti Cleaner

  1. Removes stains because of its deep cleaning feature plus, it disinfects
    Some steam mops only assures cleanliness of your floors. However, if you choose this steam mop, you will get the best of both worlds – cleanliness and germ-free. This steam mop has a deep cleaning feature which uses steam/vapor to kill bacteria. Your kids would not acquire any allergens or bed mites if you clean the surfaces with this steam cleaner.
  2. Removes a number of dirt
    Aside from dirt, dust and grime, it can also remove allergens and bed mites. This unit has an ecological system which removes harmful parasites and dust.
  3. Kills fleas from pets
    If you have pets and you are worried if fleas have already occupied the carpet, do not worry. The steam of the machine can kill those parasites. Just make sure that the heat level is on the highest temperature before you use it on the carpets.
  4. Environmental advocacy
    The makers of this product are environmental and they want to help you, your family and the community by creating a healthy and clean environment. With this germ killing steam mops, your family will now be freed from worries.
  5. polti mop1 liter of water to 1000 liters of steam
    Another environmental benefit. One litter of water can produce 1000 litters of steam. This means you can save water. Instead of refilling the water compartment from time to time, this mop can produce huge amount of steam with a little water.
  6. Can be used anywhere
    Unlike the ordinary steam mops, this polti cleaning tool can be used in different surfaces. You can clean beds and the bedroom floor. Just change the cleaning pad before you clean one area to another.
  7. Using steam/vapor is purely hygienic
    No more harmful chemical from disinfectants. You will now use a natural cleaning method which is heat. With the temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, it can kill bacteria and germs in no time.


Now what are you waiting for? Purchase this eco-friendly steam cleaner machine. You do not only benefit yourselves but also the environment. If you are an environmental advocate, this is the best choice for you.

The products are available at Polti website.

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