Swiffer Steam Mop – Full Time Mom Review

swiffer steam mopAs a full-time mom and a part-time blogger, I’ve always been on a lookout for the best products that will make my life a little bit easier. With two sets of twins (that’s right, TWO) 5 years apart, the house can be incredibly chaotic – especially during the weekends!


If you’re a mom, you can guess how hectic, messy and dirty a house can be with a kid – not to mention four of them! In my search for something to keep up with my 2 year olds and 7 year olds, I’ve come across the Bissell Swiffer Mop, which, not to exaggerate, has been a practical Godsend. Here’s what I’ve experienced with the product and why I can recommend it highly!


It’s Light!

It really is! At 4.4 pounds, I think my old laptop is heavier than this mop! I live in a 2-storey home so having a light steam cleaner is definitely necessary. With the negligible weight, I can cart it around wherever I need.


Easy Use

This Mop hand steameris very easy to use and can be maneuvered deftly. I had zero problem cleaning corners with it which is great! Basically, you just put the pad in place, listen for the confirmation click and turn it on. It also has an indicator light which removes the guessing “is it ready yet?” part of the clean up. There’s no special chemical to buy – the still water from the kitchen sink is enough.


Easy Cleanup

Another thing I love about the Swiffer hand steam cleaner is the fact that the pads are disposable! When I’m done, I just take it offer, throw it in the trash and replace! It saves me precious minutes which – for a mom of 4 – are very important.

swiffer mop cleaner

Very Through Clean

I’ve had orange juice spills on the floor – the cleaner cleared it right up! Chocolate drink spills? Gone! Milk spills? Gone! The dog’s “accident”? Gone! A piece of my son’s chocolate cake? That’s gone too! This tool has managed to completely get rid of the most common spot problems in our household and restores the freshness of the smell. I heard it also kills germs which is a plus for my family’s health!


Versatile Use

Our house is mostly made up of tiles which are relatively easier to clean. According to the reviews, this product doesn’t just work as a tile steam cleaner but also does well on finished flooring and laminate. I haven’t tried it on wood floors yet but the mop gets rid of the dirt in-between tiles wonderfully!


Of course, there are some drawbacks to the steam cleaner. For one thing, it still operates on a cord which can be confusing when you’re cleaning a wide area. Fortunately, the cord is long so at least you wouldn’t have to constantly hunt for a nearby wall socket. All in all, it’s definitely one of the best cleaning tool I’ve had in my possession, and I’ve had plenty! I’ll be counting the days until it breaks down but judging from the materials, I’d say this mop would last me years! To wrap it up, I give it 4 stars out of 5!


Thanks for making this product from Swiffer.

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