The Versatile Bissell Steam Shot Cleaner

bissell steam shot cleanerClean your home’s hard areas without using harmful chemicals. This portable, handheld steamer turns regular tap water into powerful, high-pressure steam.  It is used in removing stuck-on grime and dirt. You will find lots of uses for this versatile steam cleaner, from the kitchen to the bathroom and other areas.

Important Safety Precaution When Using the Bissell cleaner

When using an electrical appliance such as a steam shot cleaner,  the basic precautions should be observed, to reduce injury, fire, or electrical shock. It includes the following:

  • Avoid contact with hot surfaces.
  • Do not direct steam at animals, electrical outlets or people.
  • Do not immerse.
  • Do not expose in the rain. Store it inside the house.
  • Do not carry or pull by the cord, use cord as a handle, pull cord on sharp edges or corners, close door on cord, or expose the cord to hot surfaces.
  • Do not leave the steam shot cleaner connected to an electrical outlet if not in use.
  • Do not try to use without water in the tank.
  • Do not allow it to be used as a toy.
  • Do not handle steam cleaner with wet hands.
  • Do not put ay object in the appliance openings, use with blocked opening or limit air flow.
  • Do not service Bissell steam cleaner while it is plugged in
  • Do not pull the cord to remove it.
  • Do not use steam shot in an enclosed area filled with vapor given off by oil base paint, some moth proofing substance, paint thinner or other toxic vapors or explosives.
  • Using it on wax polished furniture, floors, leather, or velvet, synthetic fabrics or other steam-sensitive, delicate materials is not allowed.
  • Do not use the steam cleaner if it has been damaged, dropped into the water or left outdoors.
  • Do not use with a damaged plug or cord.
  • Let it cool for 5 minutes before refilling.
  • Not for space heating purposes.
  • Release pressure before removing safety cap.
  • Unplug from outlet when not in use and before carrying out maintenance or troubleshooting.


Tips in Operating the shot cleanerBissell shot cleaner

Filling with water

  1. Push down on the safety as you turn it counter clockwise
  2. Fill water to the max fill line
  3. Slowly add water into the steamer
  4. Replace the safety cap by pushing down as you turn clockwise

Instead of using demineralized or distilled water with tap water. If your tap water has a high level of mineral content the use of demineralized or distilled water is suggested. Do not add anything except cool water or it will cause damage to the heating element and will void your warranty.

Power Cord

Before plugging the steam shot, unwrap power cord first.

Indicator Light

The red indicator light will continue when it is the first time the unit was plugged in. When the steamer is ready to use, the red light indicator will turn off.

Steam Trigger

To release the steam, push the steam trigger

Remove the protective packaging from extension hose and nozzle before using.

The shot cleaner is very very versatile that you can use it in cleaning not only the hard surface but your clothes and other areas as well.

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