My Experience Using the Haan Steam Mop

Haan steam mopMy husband and I thought that a puppy would be an excellent companion for our son Joshua while he’s growing up. Unfortunately, I don’t think we really thought things through and it took us less than a day to realize our glaring error.


Puppies are messy! Add the mess a toddler makes in the living room and keeping a clean house practiclaly becomes a full time job. Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is: thank you steam floor cleaners! After living for half a month with the constant chaos in the house, I’ve decided to buy a Haan mop to keep the place clean. Specifically, I bought the BS10 which weighed less than 5 pounds so carrying it around our 2-storey house isn’t much of a chore.


Kiddie Problems

Fortunately, my husband and I managed to talk Joshua out of bringing his puppy Noodles in his room – which would have been a nightmare! Still, our toddler posed a veritable cleaning challenge for us by routinely spilling his juice drinks all over the room – which is covered by carpet, by the way! The first time the cleaning tool was used, it was to get rid of the freshly spilled sticky orange juice on the carpet. I was very impressed when the steam carpet cleaner managed to perform the job perfectly! It removed all the sticky residue and restored the fresh smell of the carpet!

Haan steam mop 1

Of course, I wanted to test the steam cleaner some more before deciding to declare it as the best mop ever! Orange, apple and milk spills which I’ve given up cleaning can also be found all over the room. I’d estimate they’d been there for around 2-3 weeks so I was prepared for not-so-impressive results. Imagine my surprise when the mop managed to thoroughly clean the carpet and remove the irritatingly dark spots!

Needless to say, my husband and I aren’t considering ripping out the carpeting anymore.


Picking Up After the Puppy

Most of the downstairs are covered by hardwood flooring – except for that small patch of carpet in the middle of the living room. Wouldn’t you know it, the puppy Noodles decided that the particular carpet is his own personal bathroom! Eew. Since he wasn’t toilet trained yet, this happened often and I was seriously considering just getting rid of the carpet. Fortunately, the cleaning machine came and rescued me from this interior designing disaster. It took just one sweep and the spot (and odor!) mysteriously dissapeared. The features say that the “instant glide” is the one responsible for restoring the freshness of the carpet. Me, I’m just glad it’s there! Anyway, the puppy’s getting toilet trained now but until Noodles completely understands the concept, I think we’re OK with the Haan steam cleaner!


My only problem with the Haan is that it’s not a portable steam cleaner. I browsed through their website looking for hand held steam cleaners but I wasn’t too impressed with the choices. Still, I’m happy with the BS10 considering how it made my life so much easier while still letting my toddler (and his puppy) have fun indoors.


For me this is the best cleaner I’ve ever used.

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